Why cycling is essential?

Quite possibly, a million good reasons to ride a bicycle exist

Keep fit

Cycling is one of the best kinds of exercise for keeping fit. It always raises your heart rate, and you can vary how much your heart works simply by how fast you go or the kind of cycling you do. After you’ve been riding for a while, you find you can do certain things more easily — maybe ride over a hill or chase after someone on a road bike. You’re less out of breath and don’t feel so exhausted after such activities. This change comes about because your heart becomes stronger, delivering more oxygen-filled blood with each beat (or pump), and your muscles have grown, too, and can now do more work.

Being fit gives you feelings of both mental and physical confidence: it makes you feel good. When you get fit, you can feel proud of the efforts you’ve made and the level of fitness you’ve achieved, you feel more in control and your body is able to relax more when you’re resting. You keep feeling better all the time — and all you have to do to get this feeling is ride your bicycle.

Become an environmental crusader

Car travel accounts for nearly 60 per cent of all the greenhouse gas emissions by transport, a figure that could easily be reduced. A whopping 70 per cent of all the journeys people make are under five miles (eight kilometres), and well over half these journeys are made by car. Almost all of them could be replaced by a bike ride that would take 20 minutes or less.with many more cases of unnecessary and unpleasant diseases. That makes traffic pollution more than twice as deadly as traffic accidents. People in built-up areas bear the brunt of this.

Air pollution also has a huge effect on plant life everywhere. Pollution damages the cell structure of leaves, restricts photosynthesis (where plants use the power of light to help them ‘breathe’) and harms crops.

Keep a car off the roads

One Less Car. If ever you see a sticker with this slogan on a bike, don’t assume the rider is a bicycle fanatic with a loathing for motor vehicles. Of course, one or two people like that might exist, but One Less Car is a very positive expression of concern for our social, economic and physical environment.

The earlier ‘Save money’ section covers the financial benefits to you personally of having one less car. But more than just individual wallets and purses benefit from such a decision. The cost of road infrastructure has escalated enormously over the last decades. Governments regularly deliver road cost estimates that come in at billions of pounds. To keep motor vehicles moving that little bit faster, decisions are being made on your behalf to direct massive amounts of the public budget into the hands of developers and road builders.

Park with ease

People who drive to work or the shops often complain about the difficulty of finding somewhere to leave their cars all day. One of the wonderful things about travelling by bicycle is the very direct way you arrive — if you’re going somewhere, that’s where you go. You don’t have to divert at the last minute and burrow your way into one of the ugliest of human environments — a car park. And you very rarely have to pay for your spot.

Save money

The price of fuel is going up and up. During the recent global financial crisis, oil prices reached record highs. And the government is slowly but surely increasing duty on fuel to encourage the use of more efficient vehicles (and to raise lots of tax). Unpredictable — and not so unpredictable — events can have a terrible effect on your personal finances if you rely too much on fuel.

Saving money now by using your bicycle instead of your car whenever you can is a great idea. If you start to replace several car trips a week with bike rides, it won’t be long before your fuel bills are down £20 or more. And if you’ve got a reasonable distance to get to work, you’ll see even greater savings when you start your bicycle commuting.

Be cool

Madonna does it with her bodyguard. Surprisingly, Johnny Depp does it in quite an old-fashioned way. Angelina Jolie does it with pouting lips. Bob Dylan still does it, even though he’s getting quite old. These guys are pretty cool anyway, but they’re even cooler when they get on their bicycles and pedal. They’ve all been hooked by the allure of cycle-chic.

When you ride your bicycle, it doesn’t matter whether you’re going faster or slower than anyone else. It doesn’t even matter what you’re wearing. Riding a bike just has something that sets you apart, above and beyond. It gives you a style that’s hard to define, and it inspires admiration and respect. It’s the ‘awesome’ factor, and it lies in your lap when you slip into the saddle.

Get places more quickly

On a clear road, a car can usually go at higher speeds than a bicycle, but it only takes a junction or two and light traffic congestion for bikes to start getting ahead. Cars may go faster, but they often don’t get there quicker. Cyclists can make their way to the front at red lights, and when motor traffic seizes up, bikes keep going.

As it is a great thought of a wise man “Slow and steady wins the race”

Everyone can enjoy with cycling without any stress of budget and also approachable. With much consumption a person can achieve a lot.

Ride a bike and get happiness

You already know cycling is great for your physical fitness. But did you know it also has profound effects on your brain? We did some digging and chatted with experts to find out exactly how.

Staves Off Depression
“Clearly exercise is beneficial for mental health, and the area that we have the strongest evidence in is depression,” explains Brandon Alderman, Ph.D., an assistant professor of exercise psychophysiology at Rutgers University. A recent study at the University of Bern suggests that physical activity leads to nearly the same neurophysiologic changes as antidepressants.

Calms Your Mind
“Over the past two years, we’ve been conducting a large study looking at aerobic exercise and meditation,” Alderman says. Test subjects in the study did a combo of meditation and exercise, in the form of spinning on a stationary bike followed by a short meditation session. Then Alderman and his team analyzed the effects on their mental well-being.

The outcome was exactly what he expected: Subjects moved from clinical to nonclinical levels of depression. “That’s huge,” Alderman says, ”and it happened in just eight weeks.”


Boosts Brainpower
Think about a typical ride and everything that goes through your head, consciously or unconsciously: how to negotiate that gravelly corner, bunny hop that log, or navigate your way home on unfamiliar roads. It’s like doing Sudoku, but at warp speed—which is great for keeping your brain healthy.

So how does that make you smarter? Simple. Using your brain in these different ways while riding, Alderman explains, “results in increased cognitive control, and stimulates the parts [of the brain] that regulate executive function, decision making, things like that.”

This isn’t a new idea, by any stretch: work done by Charles Hillman at the University of Illinois in 2007 showed that exercise boosts brainpower and helps to stave off Alzheimer’s in older people, while parallel work being done at the University of Georgia by Phil Tomporowski showed that kids are even more positively impacted—and that exercise can help control issues like ADD.

Makes You Friendlier
“One key aspect for brain health is that you need to have a social life,” Alderman says. “You need to socialize with other people. I think when people are depressed, they don’t get out, they don’t do anything. It impacts their confidence and self-esteem. And if you exercise, you get out, and you have an opportunity to interact with other people, especially if they exercise outside.”

Commit to a Better You
Ready to make some lasting changes? Start small with something like a ride streak—simply put, the act of getting after it every day, no matter what.

How to ride on icy roads


  • Pick your road carefully – stick to those that have been treated
  • Be wary of exposed sections of road – the wind chill can create extra ice
  • Go around icy patches if you have time and it’s safe to do so
  • if you can’t avoid the ice, don’t make any sudden moves – try to ride it out

Lingering frost or black ice can catch anyone unawares, especially given that crisp winter days and blue skies are so inviting for a bracing ride. Stunning cloudless days go hand in hand with sub-zero nights. And when the sun does come up it stays low in the sky and relatively weak, with long shadows.

One of the biggest causes of black ice is when a big freeze follows a partial thaw, so that rain water or melt water is frozen before it can drain off the road completely, leaving a thin layer of transparent ice.

If you’re riding in these conditions, pick your road carefully and stick to those that have been treated. Of course, the downside to this is that many councils put a water dispersal agent down with the salt, and after a few days this too can be slippy.

Shadier sections of road will be the last to thaw out

Be particularly wary of the more exposed sections of road, such as where there are no hedges – the wind chill will have further cooled the tarmac there – and always keep your eyes on the road ahead so you’re prepared for icy hazards, going round them if you have time and it’s safe to do so.

If you’re about to hit ice then don’t do anything sudden – don’t turn the bar too fast or far or lean the bike, and don’t brake hard or suddenly. Of course, if you hit black ice on a downhill corner, all you can do is hope for a soft landing…

Riding a bike & Well being.

Cycling is the best way to stay healthy .Cycling is mainly an aerobic activity, which means your Heart, lungs, blood vessels all get are worked out. You will breathe deeper, perspireand increased body temperature which will help to improve your overall fitness level.

Benefits of cycling
Bicycle have the potential to play a significant role in providing the daily exercise required to prove the health and fitness of everyone. Unlike most creational activities, cycling is more simple and enjoyable time pass that build fitness. Bicycling can become a part of everyday life and can offer a practical alternative to mainstream modes of transport.

Easiest way to exercise
Everyone can ride almost anywhere ,at any time and without spending a fortune. Many people use it in ground during sports with their high skills. Once a person know the technique of cycling, he / she never forget it. Many people use it for their exercise because it is low in cost than any other gadget of exercise and also proves beneficial for every age person.

Cycling increase muscle and body tone
It build strength and muscle tone. It is great for the mobility of hip and knee joints. Due to regular cycling , you can see an Improvement in the muscle tone of legs, thighs, rear end and hips.

Cycling build stamina and eats up calories

Cycling is a good way to lose those unwanted pounds. Cycling burns approximately 300 calories per hour. It also boost your metabolic rate long after you have finished your ride. It is a good way to increase stamina.

Cycling improve heart health and reduce stress
It helps to improve cardio-vascular fitness. According to the British Medical Association cycling just 20 miles a week can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 50%.It reduce stress and depression ,give freshness and charmingness to mind. Cycling outdoors is also good way to be one with nature.

Mental Effects of Cycling
It’s no secret that cycling makes you fitter. It also sharpens your thinking and melts away stress.

Positive spin
Plenty of science backs the idea that a good ride can also have emotional benefits. Cycling can elevate your mood, relieve anxiety, increase stress resistance, and even banish the blues. The sweet spot for sharpening mental acuity right after exercise is about 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic riding at roughly 75 percent of your maximum heart rate.

Dining &Entertainment
Bicycles are the perfect mode of transport for a night out of the town. when you are on bike, you never have a problem finding a parking spot and since your bike is locked up or not. It is a easiest way to pass out in less space.

Shopping by bicycle is a pleasant experience compared to shopping by car. Bicycles are seldom affected by congestion or traffic. Just add a basket or panniers to your bicycle and go to market. You will be amazed when you look you load up how much with little effort.

Personal Finances
Cycling is a good way of transport and saving money on transport costs. It can carry you thousands of kilometers just in low amount of its cost price. In contrast the cost of running a car, you can purchase a bicycling on its one or two time petrol cost.

Environmental benefits of cycling.



One of the major concerns nowadays is our environment and there is a lot of focus on the problems with the environment. There are many factors which contribute to the environmental problems we have today. One of the major environmental problems is the increasing pollution and cars are a major source of it. Especially in large cities people tend to commute to work every day by cars and it has a huge environmental impact. There is a way to help us all get out of this mess and make the environment much better to live and that is Bicycling to work and the rest of the places sometimes.

Cycling is environment friendly as the mode of transport is silent and doesn’t emit anything harmful that can affect the environment. Cycling can also reduce congestion and the journey also at times, particularly in urban areas. According to the researches it is found that nowadays people prefer to avoid stress and congestion, rather than getting physical exercise and saving money and this is one of the important factors as to why people take up cycling.  It has also been found that cycling has increased the safety factor up to 10%. It is believed that general attitudes of cycling are very positive nowadays and cycling is considered to be very healthy, an effective way to relieve stress and also a good family activity.

Cycling also conserves roadway and residential space, thereby providing opportunities for less cement and more plant life in urban areas. Using a bike to commute to and from work reduces the amount of pollution and can be far less stressful than sitting in traffic for an hour or more. Riding a bike to work and home is also a great way to get in a daily workout without having to bother about the gym every day. If not to work, people also prefer riding their bike to the nearby bus station or park or any nearby place they wish to visit. Riding a bike to work or in our daily routine instead of driving a car will have a lot of environmental benefits as well as it will keep you healthy too.

Mumbai cops got LA Sovereign Fat Bike EXTREME TERRAIN for beach patrolling

A new strategy taken up by the Mumbai police to use it as a weapon to fight crime is all set to gear up and perform the best. The cops are now pedaling to more safer streets and keep the city beaches safe from chain snatchers and other criminals. In order to make the beaches  more secure, Mumbai Police, as a pilot project, has taken up LA Sovereign Fat Bike. Cops patrolling on these bicycles would soon be spotted at Marine drive, Gateway of India, Girgaum Chowpatty, Juhu Beach, Bandra bandstand, Worli sea face, Shivaji Park and Oshiwara.

Beaches of Mumbai are places of tourist attraction and are frequented by foreign nationals. “There are isolated places on beaches and due to the sand, policemen often have to walk across the beaches. Cases of chain snatching, theft and molestation have often occurred on the city beaches,” said a police officer.

To ensure patrolling on the city beaches, police chief Rakesh Maria has ordered for bicycles that could be used for beach patrolling. The tyres of the beach bicycles are broader so they do not skid in the sand and can easily chase suspects on beaches. “If results following the use of these bicycles are good, then in future the department would purchase more of them.

“We would be using 24 bicycles for patrolling on beaches,” said Mumbai police’ spokesperson and deputy commissioner of police Dhananjay Kulkarni. It has also been said that two bicycles will be paired together for the patrols – one constable will have a walkie talkie and the other a specially made collapsible baton.

From the current lot, most bicycles would be provided to Juhu police station as the stretch of Juhu beach is more as compared to other beaches. Four cycles would be used at Shivaji Park as the beach stretch there is minimum,” said an officer.

In addition to this the officers also added, while bicycles will be faster than when the constables are on foot, it will also keep them healthy and fit. They will also be more environment-friendly.

LA Sovereign launched a new brand at “India International Cycle, Fitness & sports Expo”

INFINITE” – The new Elite brand launched by LA Sovereign , is being showcased at  “India International Cycle, Fitness & sports Expo” being held at Ludhiana from 03rd to 05th April & more than 15 Premium Models in different categories like Road bike, Hybrid & Mountain Bike segment have been displayed.

India, is emerging as one of the upcoming market for High End Bicycles & With rising opportunities in  Elite Bicycle segment in India “LA Sovereign Group , one of the renowned Brand in Imported Bicycle segment has also taken a step forward with the Launch of their Premium brand “INFINITE”.

The Brand itself reflects the commitment of the company towards innovation, quality, designing and the Bicycles have been crafted to fulfill the needs of Bicycle enthusiasts, for ones who need something more suitable and specific whether for amateurs or Bicycle Professionals. With formation of two International cycling teams the brand already enjoy representation
across the globe and is endorsed by Peter Pouly, an International rider and winner of many Professional Races.

The product range which is being designed by keeping in view every small details related to rider comfort includes more than 30 Models across various categories such as Road Bikes, Hybrid, Mountain bikes & Fat Boy segment. The Price range which is at par with all the equivalent Brands range between Rs.32000/- for an entry level bike and goes up to Rs.4Lakh for the top most Carbon RoadBike.

The Dealers appreciated the entire product range and assured to offer their complete support in promoting “Infinite” Brand in their respective region. They were also glad to see the unmatched Product Quality & entire range which suits to the need of Elite Riders & Professionals as well.

“With the huge growth in Elite Bicycle segment, we are thrilled to launch our premium Brand Infinite in India which will meet the expectations of an Elite rider as well a professional champion too. With our unmatched quality standards we expect the brand to achieve new heights soon and will prove to be a milestone in the growth of our company” as told by Mr.Rohit Kalra, Managing Director, LA Sovereign Bicycles Pvt Ltd.

Tips for Summer Bike Riding in the Heat

Hot summer cycling tips to help you stay safe bicycling in the summer heat. You need to be prepared to keep yourself safe. Summertime offers many cycling dangers including the potential to suffer a heat stoke if not prepared.

Wear lighter colored clothing. Lighter colors tend to reflect the sun’s rays more than darker colorclothing which absorbs the suns heat more.

Stay Hydrated! Your Hydration System May be as simple as putting a bottle of water in your back pack. You may also buy a Camelback hydration pack or you can use the classic water bottle cages mounted on the frame. You always want to carry hydration with you.

Shade your eyes. Riding east in the morning you will rapidly realize why you want some sun glasses over your eyes. You can also wear a cycling cap under your bicycle helmet and the brim will help shade your eyes.