How to maintain bicycles in Rainy Season

When rainy season comes near a lot of problems occur how bicycles can be saved in this season. In rain you cannot ride on the bike but by using some kinds of tips you can easily ride on the bicycles.

In rain all body wets and on roads, you have all kinds of major things pulverized in rainfall water. You can convert outdoor bike into indoor bike within a matter of seconds. In rainy days if you do service your own bicycle much of cost can be less like labor cost etc. by using these ways you can safe your bikes in all seasons.

Mass Accessories
All of the accessories should be daily checked like check breaks, tires and chain and all these things should be proper accurate. The breaks neither should be tight nor should be loose. Tight breaks pads touch your rims and with loose breaks you cannot stop while you are riding on bicycles.

1.Clean Chain
To clean the chains shower the water on chain and then turn the pedal. This is the best way of cleaning the chain and you do not use bicycles for daily purposes store it in that day where there is no any type of problem occurred with bicycle.




2.Toolkit for bicycle
If you want to go anywhere toolkit should be kept with you. In toolkit the several things are included these are:

  • ┬áSpare tubes
  • Allen Keys
  • Pedal Spanner
  • Tire levers
  • Pump
  • Screw drivers
  • Torx drivers
  • Cable cutters

With this toolkit you will not come in trouble. On bicycles all ages of people can ride such as kids, young and old people. Kids can easily learn the ride on the bikes just get up off the seats and turn your arms and legs as the same way the racer sits on a race horse.

3.Power in Pedal stroke
Where the power is in the pedal stroke there you are in the next riding. If you are learning to ride the bike on the mountain you are probably walking hard on the down motion. Each pedal is a full circle and try to push and pull the pedal round as if you are keeping the pedal to the outside of the circle. At a time to start pedal in circles it takes two minutes and build it up to ten minutes, by which time you will be getting far more efficient and be going faster without needing extra power.

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