Tips for Summer Bike Riding in the Heat

Hot summer cycling tips to help you stay safe bicycling in the summer heat. You need to be prepared to keep yourself safe. Summertime offers many cycling dangers including the potential to suffer a heat stoke if not prepared.

Wear lighter colored clothing. Lighter colors tend to reflect the sun’s rays more than darker colorclothing which absorbs the suns heat more.

Stay Hydrated! Your Hydration System May be as simple as putting a bottle of water in your back pack. You may also buy a Camelback hydration pack or you can use the classic water bottle cages mounted on the frame. You always want to carry hydration with you.

Shade your eyes. Riding east in the morning you will rapidly realize why you want some sun glasses over your eyes. You can also wear a cycling cap under your bicycle helmet and the brim will help shade your eyes.