Mumbai cops got LA Sovereign Fat Bike EXTREME TERRAIN for beach patrolling

A new strategy taken up by the Mumbai police to use it as a weapon to fight crime is all set to gear up and perform the best. The cops are now pedaling to more safer streets and keep the city beaches safe from chain snatchers and other criminals. In order to make the beaches  more secure, Mumbai Police, as a pilot project, has taken up LA Sovereign Fat Bike. Cops patrolling on these bicycles would soon be spotted at Marine drive, Gateway of India, Girgaum Chowpatty, Juhu Beach, Bandra bandstand, Worli sea face, Shivaji Park and Oshiwara.

Beaches of Mumbai are places of tourist attraction and are frequented by foreign nationals. “There are isolated places on beaches and due to the sand, policemen often have to walk across the beaches. Cases of chain snatching, theft and molestation have often occurred on the city beaches,” said a police officer.

To ensure patrolling on the city beaches, police chief Rakesh Maria has ordered for bicycles that could be used for beach patrolling. The tyres of the beach bicycles are broader so they do not skid in the sand and can easily chase suspects on beaches. “If results following the use of these bicycles are good, then in future the department would purchase more of them.

“We would be using 24 bicycles for patrolling on beaches,” said Mumbai police’ spokesperson and deputy commissioner of police Dhananjay Kulkarni. It has also been said that two bicycles will be paired together for the patrols – one constable will have a walkie talkie and the other a specially made collapsible baton.

From the current lot, most bicycles would be provided to Juhu police station as the stretch of Juhu beach is more as compared to other beaches. Four cycles would be used at Shivaji Park as the beach stretch there is minimum,” said an officer.

In addition to this the officers also added, while bicycles will be faster than when the constables are on foot, it will also keep them healthy and fit. They will also be more environment-friendly.