Environmental benefits of cycling.



One of the major concerns nowadays is our environment and there is a lot of focus on the problems with the environment. There are many factors which contribute to the environmental problems we have today. One of the major environmental problems is the increasing pollution and cars are a major source of it. Especially in large cities people tend to commute to work every day by cars and it has a huge environmental impact. There is a way to help us all get out of this mess and make the environment much better to live and that is Bicycling to work and the rest of the places sometimes.

Cycling is environment friendly as the mode of transport is silent and doesn’t emit anything harmful that can affect the environment. Cycling can also reduce congestion and the journey also at times, particularly in urban areas. According to the researches it is found that nowadays people prefer to avoid stress and congestion, rather than getting physical exercise and saving money and this is one of the important factors as to why people take up cycling.  It has also been found that cycling has increased the safety factor up to 10%. It is believed that general attitudes of cycling are very positive nowadays and cycling is considered to be very healthy, an effective way to relieve stress and also a good family activity.

Cycling also conserves roadway and residential space, thereby providing opportunities for less cement and more plant life in urban areas. Using a bike to commute to and from work reduces the amount of pollution and can be far less stressful than sitting in traffic for an hour or more. Riding a bike to work and home is also a great way to get in a daily workout without having to bother about the gym every day. If not to work, people also prefer riding their bike to the nearby bus station or park or any nearby place they wish to visit. Riding a bike to work or in our daily routine instead of driving a car will have a lot of environmental benefits as well as it will keep you healthy too.

The Benefits of Family Cycling

While we’re all leading busy lives, it can be hard to fit in family time and our increasingly hectic lifestyles make finding ideas for active family fun all the more important. Active families benefit by spending quality time with one another, while instilling habits that can improve health and strengthen relationships. We all need some time to exercise to stay healthy as well as some quality time to spend with our family. So instead of trying to figure out the ways to handle both the things, why not merge them together?

Family cycling is one such thing that will help you to bond as well as keep everyone fit and healthy! Cycling is usually a lot more exciting than walking for children, as well as being a faster way to get to places. A family bike ride once in a week can be a great way to get outdoors and increase fitness levels for all ages.

Children simply love cycling as it’s fast and fun and it also gives them freedom and independence to get around. Even if the kids are young or you have elders in your family, all the times are always the perfect ones to get on to your bicycles and start cycling. Jump on the cycle with your kids and you could see the kind of health benefits gym members dream of:

  • Cycling raises your metabolic rate, helping you to keep the excess weight off.
  • Regular cyclists are as fit as an average person 10 years younger.

Holidays are a great opportunity to spend more time outside being active as a family, so one can probably choose a destination that gives the opportunity to do this when possible. Cycling holidays may inspire older children when we set some healthy competitions as a cycle race or relays.

Increasingly there are more and more safe cycling routes available with areas that are traffic-free for family-friendly cycling. Even if your children are too young to control a bike on their own, you can buy child seats or attachments that link their bike to yours so that you can all enjoy a session together. The final bonus in the family cycling is that it is a fun way to make your family bonds stronger and a fun way to shift the pounds by burning a lot many calories. And don’t stop at your immediate family as cycling can bind your generations. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages, so grandparents can get involved too. Cycling is a life skill that you are going to possess forever and you can cherish some beautiful memories life and long which would be all about family-fun-cycling !!!