Riding a bike & Well being.

Cycling is the best way to stay healthy .Cycling is mainly an aerobic activity, which means your Heart, lungs, blood vessels all get are worked out. You will breathe deeper, perspireand increased body temperature which will help to improve your overall fitness level.

Benefits of cycling
Bicycle have the potential to play a significant role in providing the daily exercise required to prove the health and fitness of everyone. Unlike most creational activities, cycling is more simple and enjoyable time pass that build fitness. Bicycling can become a part of everyday life and can offer a practical alternative to mainstream modes of transport.

Easiest way to exercise
Everyone can ride almost anywhere ,at any time and without spending a fortune. Many people use it in ground during sports with their high skills. Once a person know the technique of cycling, he / she never forget it. Many people use it for their exercise because it is low in cost than any other gadget of exercise and also proves beneficial for every age person.

Cycling increase muscle and body tone
It build strength and muscle tone. It is great for the mobility of hip and knee joints. Due to regular cycling , you can see an Improvement in the muscle tone of legs, thighs, rear end and hips.

Cycling build stamina and eats up calories

Cycling is a good way to lose those unwanted pounds. Cycling burns approximately 300 calories per hour. It also boost your metabolic rate long after you have finished your ride. It is a good way to increase stamina.

Cycling improve heart health and reduce stress
It helps to improve cardio-vascular fitness. According to the British Medical Association cycling just 20 miles a week can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 50%.It reduce stress and depression ,give freshness and charmingness to mind. Cycling outdoors is also good way to be one with nature.

Mental Effects of Cycling
It’s no secret that cycling makes you fitter. It also sharpens your thinking and melts away stress.

Positive spin
Plenty of science backs the idea that a good ride can also have emotional benefits. Cycling can elevate your mood, relieve anxiety, increase stress resistance, and even banish the blues. The sweet spot for sharpening mental acuity right after exercise is about 30 to 60 minutes of aerobic riding at roughly 75 percent of your maximum heart rate.

Dining &Entertainment
Bicycles are the perfect mode of transport for a night out of the town. when you are on bike, you never have a problem finding a parking spot and since your bike is locked up or not. It is a easiest way to pass out in less space.

Shopping by bicycle is a pleasant experience compared to shopping by car. Bicycles are seldom affected by congestion or traffic. Just add a basket or panniers to your bicycle and go to market. You will be amazed when you look you load up how much with little effort.

Personal Finances
Cycling is a good way of transport and saving money on transport costs. It can carry you thousands of kilometers just in low amount of its cost price. In contrast the cost of running a car, you can purchase a bicycling on its one or two time petrol cost.

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