ABCD for cycling

Cycling is good for health. But safety is the another part of our health. Person have to learn ABCD about cycling.

What is ABCD
ABCD means the basic rules of cycling. Person have to careful about the bigning concept of cycling like …..
A stands for Air
B stands for Break
C is for chain and cranks
All these letters become aware a rider about the main things of their riding.

Air:   Before start the cycling, cycling love have to check about the ……
Proper air in the tiers.
If there is some hole then replace it,
Also use a pressure pump to full fill enough air in tiers.

It is necessary to check the break before drive any vehicle
Check out the pads of the breaks. Make sure is it rubbing the tire or not
Check pad adjustment, make sure they are not rubbing the tire.
Handle is in comfort zone to press the break or not
If not then exchange the handle cover with comfortable part

Examine the chain.
Is it easy to move on the another step or not
Pull your crank away the bike
If the crank are loose then tight the bolt

Small ride
Take a quick ride to check up about the basic things of cycle and it is work

Helmet is also the another part of our safety. Be sure you have wear a helmet that is proper and fully comfortable for you.
Find it in right size
The front side should be on gap of 2 inches from your nose and eyes.
Move your neck here and there to ensure the relax ability of your self .

There is no need to wear special cloths for ride a cycle you can easily wear your routine dress as you want.
If bike has no chain guard then safe your clothes and  keep it away from chain.
Avoid to wear tight clothes during cycling because it will create problem during cycling.
In winter season rider should great care about clothing. Necessary to wear gloves, Layer and ear warmer on special season of winter.

Rainy season
In rainy season try to wear bright or dark colors and rain coat also.

Keep aware about the basic concept of cycling and enjoy your ride.

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